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  • Multifocal & Bifocal Lens

    These provide a number of different lens powers to let you see at various distances.

    Helpful for both reading and daily tasks.

  • Essilor Lens

    Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses. From design to manufacture, the group develops a wide range of lenses to correct and protect eyesight.

  • Coloured Lenses

    Experts say coloured lenses could help up to 50% of adults and children affected by glare-induced headaches and reading problems.

  • Reading Glasses

    As most people get older they will require some form of reading glasses. Tuan Hung Optic can supply quality reading glasses at exceptional prices.


  • Check eyes with NIDEK machine
  • Consultation with customer to match suitable glasses
  • Offer a variety of products to try

Warranty and Shipping

  • Delivery time: 
    • + 3 weeks via air freight
    • + 3 months via sea freight
  • Warranty:
    • + Mutilfocal : 1 years
    • + Reading glasses: 6 months
    • + Change color: 6 months
    • + Luxury product: 1.5 years
  • Payment:
    • + Purchase direct in our shop: deposit 1/3 value of product.
    • + Online overseas: Deposit ½ value of product
    • + Special rate from 3 product up.
    • + Refund if a problem with the product
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