There’s Sunglasses The sunglasses are kind of contact was fitted with an access (or sensing, disorder) of the user.


In addition to regular eye protection, sunglasses have the help to people with refractive errors can wear sunglasses as the normal fashion.

Past, people brought solely for the purpose sunglasses protect the eyes from dust when you go out, gradually sunglasses have become a fashion trend, bowl add beauty to wear glasses. Those branded fashion sunglasses usually those without refractive eye diseases such as myopia, telecommunications, rebellion (or only mild).

Today the scientific and technical qualifications growing invented the lens type used for different types of sunglasses to help people with refractive errors can bring sunglasses.

Sunglasses there is a tree of normal sunglasses lenses instead of one would not attach to a contact that has relevance to the curvature of the glass plant, so will enable you to see things around while wearing sunglasses.

Plants after sunglass lenses can be attached to the form of the tree will look like glass and lenses to form 99% of normal sunglasses tree.


1. Not yet sunglasses can also attach contact with the bearing structure by the glasses.

2. You can not use normal contact, put it close plants to make the lenses of sunglasses, because the design and curvature of each different glass samples, hence the need to use a high-level contacts have to be able to mount fit sunglass frame without causing a headache or feel dizzy when you carry.

Sunglass lenses due to our highly processed approach has the best quality on the market, however, the cost will be slightly higher, because the lenses are thin, lightweight, anti-glare.


3. Is not the public access may also sunglasses, sunglasses ordinary workers have degrees less than 10 degrees, you can do it, the higher the thicker lenses so need to have a full consultant a rimmed sunglasses suit your face and your level of access.

4. Sunglasses there will be full of features ordinary varieties sunglasses, uv rays as against 400 …

SUNGLASSES HAVE How much is that?

The price of a pair of sunglasses with contact information lowest thuonggia of 1 pair of standard lenses is 500,000 VND

The price of a finished product, including frames and lenses rimmed sunglasses lowest price VND 1,050,000,000 or more. You note than 1 normal sunglasses. This is the price for high-end lenses, ensuring the quality and safety as well as aesthetic eye when mounted lenses with degrees cooler.


According BS.CKII Phan Hong Mai (Vice-Dean Refraction, HCMC Eye Hospital), “When out in the sun glasses, the eyes wide open, direct sunlight, if contact with the sunglasses do not protect eye diseases will cause keratitis, corneal nuts, romantic, even causing retinal degeneration in the interior of the eye.

Currently, there are 4 types of contact lenses is the quality assurance ORMA (CR-39) 95% UV resistant, polycarbonate lenses and lenses of high extracts from 1.6+, two are capable of up to 100% UV protection, glass lenses (glass) fragile but up to 90% UV protection. If the lenses are not used for quality assurance will not resistant to ultraviolet rays, but also damage your eyes. Some types of glass on the market only avoid rocks flying into the eye but absolutely no effect protect the eyes from UV rays. ”


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