Sai Gon Optical opening new locations

SAI GON OPTICAL  greet you, thank you for your interest, support our shop.

After a long period of preparation, today, SAI GON SHOES shop was officially opened at (…)



SAI GON OPTICAL is the most prestigious optical shop in Hoi An City, Quang Nam province, where the convergence of elegant products, luxury, class of style and durable quality. In addition, our glasses products have specially designed lenses, meet international quality standards, harmonious, effective long-term use. SAI GON OPTICAL will bring to you a new style, a new confidence and a sense of comfort, relaxation for the eyes.




SAI GON OPTICAL with high quality fashion products export standards in Europe with many styles and colors diverse, so suitable for all ages, every cost.

In addition, SAI GON OPTICAL is equipped with modern specialized machinery for refraction measurement, vision test and shop. We also have a team of highly qualified technicians and glass grinders on the basis of . Come to our shop, you will receive many preferences when buying, with professional service, quality products, competitive price and good after-sales, you will be selected products. Best wishes by: “Your light is our happiness”

SAI GON OPTICAL is committed to providing only genuine products, clear origin, best quality assurance – The most reasonable price!

Come to us to confirm your level!

Pleased to welcome and serve you at SAI GON OPTICAL: Add: 560 Hai Ba Trung Str., Hoi An City – Viet Nam

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 Head office:
Add : 560 Hai Ba Trung Str., Hoi An City – Viet Nam
Hotline: 092 369 1508

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